Virtual Data Room providers in 2022

Saturday, 18 May, 2024

Clinked Virtual Data Room Provider

Clinked Virtual Data Room Provider

Clinked data room is a client portal platform that enables internal and external collaboration for companies in various industries. Clinked interactive solutions include secure file storage and exchange, task management, communication channels, and more.

Clinked virtual data room software offers functional and intuitive branding features via White Label technology, giving the finished product a detailed, customized appearance. The tailored interface ultimately translates to development cost reduction, effective off-site maintenance, and elevated brand awareness for companies of all sizes.

Clinked data room top features

Clinked virtual data room users and their clients can benefit from:

  1. Resourceful collaboration. A Clinked virtual data room offers a comprehensive task manager with G-Suite and Google Calendar integrations. The portal visitors from within and outside the platform can communicate through live chat, email, group discussions and more, while instantaneously having access to all the necessary data.
  2. Top-level security. Confidential documents and files are protected with 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption, strong password protection, and detailed user activity tracking.
  3. Streamlined customization. Clinked data room software allows instant customization with implementing the company’s logo, brand fonts and colors, favicons, and domain name. 

What does the Clinked data room do best?

Clinked data room is ideal for customer relations management, remote workspace establishment, and sensitive data sharing. Clinked caters to small, medium, and large companies, as well as enterprises in financial services, investments, legal, government, and accounting sectors. 

Clinked virtual data room pros and cons 

User reviews allow identifying the following strengths and weaknesses of the Clinked data room.


  • Easy-to-navigate, customizable interface
  • Integrations with various collaboration tools and apps
  • Deployment solutions include browser access, extensions for all key operating systems, and apps for iOS and Android.
  • 24/7 multilingual live representative support
  • Variety of pricing models and payment options


  • Limited capacity for typical data room uses such as M&A due diligence
  • Complicated pricing policies when it comes to adding features and plan upgrades
  • Short free trial period — only 10 days